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How to keep your loved one safe and connected

No doubt, our loved ones are safer when we stay away. That doesn’t mean that we don’t miss them or worry about their health, especially if they live alone. At the same time, human connections are vital, especially if Mom or Dad lives alone. The last thing we want is for them to feel lonely now. That’s why our telehealth services for home care or hospice patients is perfect for your loved one.

Telehealth: Keeping an eye on their health

Telehealth is a suite of devices designed to monitor your loved one’s health when they’re homebound. It also provides a way to keep in touch.

The tablet in each telehealth kit allows Mom or Dad to easily contact their Etho clinicians.

It isn’t easy when you can’t check on your loved one face-to-face. “How’s Dad’s blood pressure? Is he checking it himself?” “How’s his weight?” “How are Mom’s lungs doing?”

How it works

With telehealth, your loved one will receive a telehealth kit straight to their home. In addition to their tablet, they are able use their own blood pressure cuff, scale and pulse oximeter to input their recordings into the unit.

They’ll measure their vitals and record on their tablet each day. Then they’ll answer a series of questions designed to monitor their health conditions as well as signs and symptoms of the coronavirus.

A nurse reviews their information and follows up if there are any concerns.

The tablet that they record their vitals on also has educational material related to their medical conditions. Your loved one will have more frequent check-ins without anyone entering their home, thus limiting their possible exposure to the virus.

Telehealth offers connections and health monitoring that enhance your loved one’s quality of life and give you peace of mind.

Connections between the nurse and the patient:

  • Video calls

  • Voice calls

Health monitoring, education and assistance support from home:


  • Check vitals such as blood pressure, weight and pulse oximetry
  • Check-in regarding signs and symptoms of the coronavirus


  • Dietary guidance
  • Disease-specific education via videos and articles that teach them more about their specific diseases or conditions
  • Nutrition information and guidance based on your loved one's particular diseases or conditions

Telehealth offers connections and health monitoring that enhance your loved one's quality of life and give you peace of mind.

For more information on our telehealth offerings for your loved one, please contact us at (701) 356-3803.